HealthBuilders Wellness Programs

Take charge of your health and wellness!

HealthBuilders Wellness Programs

Free education and wellness classes for patients and employees through our HealthBuilders Wellness Program. Cooking classes, weight loss programs, exercise and more!


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Available Classes Include:
Not all classes are offered every quarter. Please reference the current class schedule above to see which are currently available.
Better Backs
Manage pain and improve function by increasing core strength and flexibility. Workout includes floor work, stretching, core strengthening and flexibility to improve and strengthen back function.
Better Balance
Improve your balance by completing balance drills, posture work and focused strength work from the FallProof! curriculum.
Fitness for EveryBODY
Exercise for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.
Get Strong
Cardio aerobic workout with strength and conditioning training for all fitness levels.
Let's Walk
Outdoor walk lead by a fitness professional.
Sit Fit
Similar to Get Strong, but utilizing a chair for support.
Tai Chi
Reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve balance by performing sequences of very slow, controlled movements.
Walking Workout
Interval walking exercises utilizing resistance bands for upper and lower body workout.
Stretch, breath and relax your body with various standing and seated/laying body poses.
Chair Yoga
Classic yoga poses performed while in a standing or seated position, utilizing a chair for support. This is an excellent introduction to yoga.
Dance your way to fitness with an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance.
Specialized Programming Includes:
Diabetes Empowerment
A six-class series to learn about diabetes while getting support for lifestyle changes to improve health.
Good Health, New Vitality
A garden-focused lifestyle program of virtual health education featuring community guest speakers and El Rio Health professionals for a holistic approach to health improvement and wellness.
Weight Management for Optimal Health
A series of twelve weekly classes designed to help you stop dieting and start nourishing, moving, and relaxing your body. If you have questions or would like more information, please send us an email.