The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, National Family Medicine Residency Program

The National Family Medicine Residency Program at El Rio Health helps to prepare resident physicians for a lifelong career in medicine. The program’s curriculum is focused on community needs, evidence-based medicine, and quality improvement in healthcare. Residents can participate in teen clinic, special immunology, and sports medicine in addition to many other community experiences.

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“Choosing residency training at El Rio Health is a choice to learn clinical medicine in the context of the community health center movement.  The legacy of that movement is excellence in acute care, chronic care, preventive health services and wellness programs, and advocacy.  It is clinical medicine that combines patient need with community need and always seeks to bring to the table all those within our community, to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and understood.  It is a legacy that seeks to overcome disparities of care, disenfranchisement and inequity. By choosing El Rio Health you will be part of a Teaching Health Center, with 9 active residencies and student learner programs, committed to interdisciplinary learning experiences. We invite you to join us and become part of the legacy that is El Rio Health.”

– Douglas Spegman, Chief Clinical Officer, El Rio Health