What is the residency?

  • The residency is a post-graduate training opportunity for CNMs with an interest in midwifery care of the underserved. Through mentoring and clinical practice, the residency prepares new graduate CNMs to provide midwifery care to vulnerable populations in a Community Health Center setting.

What kind of Clinical Experience is offered?

  • For Certified Nurse Midwives, the residency offers the opportunity to rotate through multiple health center sites and provide birth care in the hospital. The emphasis is on best practices in comprehensive maternal health care delivery. The residency will equip the new CNM with the unique skill set required to meet the challenge of caring for patients in a safety net setting.
  • El Rio Health is a teaching health center, with medical students and physician/dentist residencies in Family Practice and Pediatric specialties. Inter-professional collaboration is our approach and cross-care learning opportunities exist.

How long is the Residency?

  • For Certified Nurse Midwives, the residency is a full year.

How many residents spots are there?

  • The CNM residency has one resident per year.

Are loan repayment options available during the residency?

  • No. However, residents may apply for loan repayment through Federal and State programs after the residency is completed.

Is this a paid position?

  • The residency is a full-time salaried position.  The position includes a benefits package and loan deferment may be available.

How do I apply?

  • Our application cycle for 2024-2025 is currently closed.

I am an experienced CNM but I do not attend births. May I apply to regain my intrapartum skills?

  • This program is designed specifically for new graduate CNMs within 18 months of graduation. The program is not designed for CNMs in partial scope practice to re-enter full scope practice. CNMs who have been providing ambulatory care (prenatal, gynecology, primary care, etc.) but want to resume providing intrapartum and acute care services are not eligible for the residency.