Program Testimonials

“What I’m most grateful to this residency for providing, it’s in teaching and supporting me how to best care for my patients, while simultaneously pushing me to think harder and more deeply. The residency has made such an impression on me on how much my preceptors and mentors have invested in wanting the residents to be the best possible providers, and in how they have really been such a source of both clinical and emotional support over this incredibly challenging, rewarding year.”

“The mentorship was amazing!…This was essential for helping to shape who I am today.”

“I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have met during my time in the residency program at El Rio.  Our preceptors are wonderful healthcare providers and I am appreciative of their teachings.  I have taken a piece of knowledge from each preceptor and applied it to my practice.”

“I loved the amount of support we received!  The preceptors invested their time and effort in this program and the residents.  I feel confident and ready to start in my professional role.”

“The El Rio APRN residency program has been supporting my growth and continuous learning since day one.  The exposure to different specialties in every rotation and meeting other providers is a valuable experience. We get many opportunities to perform medical procedures with appropriate support and we practice without limiting our NP full scope of practice.”

“When I started the residency program, I was very nervous about the pending “independent” practice waiting for me on the other side. Three months since graduating residency, I can say that the program taught me I am not actually practicing independently but as part of a team working together to address patient and community health needs. These needs are constantly changing, such as with the current pandemic and beyond, and I know we all play different roles to help improve community health. I am very grateful for this residency program and all the mentors who helped guide me, and feel it prepared me well for the role I serve as a family nurse practitioner at a community health center today, and to continue to grow into the best clinician I can be.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience in El Rio’s APRN residency program. My transition to the nurse practitioner role in a community health setting has been both extremely rewarding and challenging. The mentorship, support and incredible learning opportunities that this residency provides have all been an essential part of my successful transition. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is committed to working in community health with underserved populations. Doing this residency is one of the best decisions I have made in my healthcare career thus far!”