Mental health in the classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic may be a turning point and students may be back in the classroom but many are still mentally grappling with the effects of the last two years.

This week, The Buzz focuses on mental health in schools.

Vanessa Seaney, regional director of behavioral health operations at El Rio, said many students have felt isolated after years of missing school and big milestones.

Moreover, she said, many students are also grappling with the grief of having lost family members to COVID-19.

“Our youth are also struggling with the trauma of grief and loss and the security that comes with their caregiver,” she said.

“This entire experience I think has really just shined a big light on the existing mental health challenges so many students already faced,” said Dr. Lia Falco, an associate professor of counseling at the University of Arizona College of Education.

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