El Rio Health – Serving Our Community

Nearly 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson supported legislation that supported the creation of community health centers across the nation—with El Rio Community Health Center being one of the first.  A successful partnership between various west side neighborhoods and the University of Arizona College of Medicine created the first El Rio Health Center at 839 W Congress St.  Today, eleven El Rio Health Center campuses serve the Tucson community providing medical, dental, behavioral health and many other health services for over 107,000 individuals who call El Rio their health home.

Since inception, El Rio’s mission has been and continues to be: to provide comprehensive, accessible, affordable, quality, and compassionate care—and that vision is seen through our over 1200 employees who see El Rio as an employer of choice. No patient is turned away from El Rio and last year, over $11 million in charity care was provided for community members. In addition, El Rio provides care for all community members including those with insurance, Medicare, or those who may be uninsured. Our many health and wellness programs, classes and outreach services illustrate our commitment to prevention and health improvement through our care of over 35,000 children and 72,000 adults

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