Up to one-third of COVID patients have lasting symptoms, doctors say

“I genuinely can’t get out of bed without help,” said Kalie Ellison, a 27-years-old who tested positive for COVID about two months ago. She said her symptoms haven’t improved.

“I hyperventilate when I stand up. I can’t get a good breath whatsoever. It’s difficult to do anything. I lost my job. It’s been hard,” she said.

Ellison said she’s constantly exhausted and has stabbing chest pain.

“I’ve gone to the ER where they gave me oxygen and just said its COVID,” she said. “Some people have long lasting symptoms.”

Dr. Lisa Soltani, an internal medicine doctor at El Rio, said there are a wide range of long haul symptoms including muscle weakness, brain fog, lack of concentration, sleep disturbance, insomnia, prolonged loss of hair, taste and smell.

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