Could the COVID-19 UK variant become the dominant strain by March?

TUCSON (KVOA) – The first case of the UK strain of COVID-19 was discovered to be in Arizona at the end of January. Now, there is concern that it could be the dominant strain by March.

The CDC says that the UK strain spreads faster than the original and two more strains have prompted travel bans from South Africa and Brazil.

Recent research also suggests it could be more deadly, making the higher infection rates a big cause for concern.

At its current pace, according to the CDC, the UK strain doubles every one and a half weeks and is 35 to 45 percent more contagious.

“No matter what if you’re not vaccinated, if you haven’t developed immunity, and when I say immunity even natural immunity from having previous coronavirus, you’re at risk. And if you’re susceptible to highly infectious strain then you’re putting yourself and loved ones at risk,” said Dr. Sudha Nagalingam, Infectious Disease Clinician, El Rio Health.